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Parkur Outdoor Event Venue

Designed with the TeamPark concept, the PARKUR outdoor event venue was built on a total of 9000 Square meters of land for outdoor meetings, obstacle courses, team games, and picnic areas. We have 3000 people capacity for the festivals and concerts and 1000 people capacity for the picnic areas. Our obstacle courses are planned for 300 people to experience the activities simultaneously.

Outdoor Event Venue in Istanbul

With more than 20 mobile and permanent obstacle courses, PARKUR is the largest outdoor event venue in the region and leading team building and activity center in Istanbul. We have hosted more than 500 companies since 2013, some of which experienced repeatedly.

Istanbul Corporate Events

  • Food & Beverage
  • Breakfast & Brunch
  • BBQ & Open Buffet
  • Cocktails & Prolonge Menus
  • Happy hours & Concept Menus
  • Corporate event and team building in Istanbul

Meeting Domes

  • Eko Dome meeting tents
  • U shape / Block Table Max: 30 Pax
  • Classroom: 50 Pax
  • Theatre: 70 Pax

Outdoor Team building event venue in Istanbul

All the details of your organization are well thought with our picnic and bench tables, colorful tablecloths, colorful pear and cushions, children’s sitting groups, paid and free activity options, and a great experience.


Every corporate group has a dedicated location and event manager to assist during the preparations and meetings for the smooth running of the event.
All catering facilities are provided inhouse. Our kitchen is powered by locals.
We never use maximum capacity for your planned event unless you ask for it.
Our team will help you to make changes in the decoration and placement of the team building games to create the right atmosphere for your next event. You can rearrange the portable shades, picnic tables, open buffet and available moveable things to make the venue more suitable.
Parkur outdoor venue is easily accessible from Istanbul city center and two airports.
Parking facilities are available at the venue itself and additional spaces can be provided nearby.
We can arrange a shuttle service from and to any location in Istanbul.
We provide a projector for meetings in our geodesic domes and portable sound system that worked perfectly for any group having 100 guests or less for free.
You do not need to rent tables, chairs, tents, sound system (we provide basic for free) from any specialized hire company. Some groups with more than 150 guests rent ambulance and extra-large sound system with an electric generator.
We have enough toilets in the venue for 450 guests and can hire extra mobile toilets for larger events.

Special Notes:

If your group has 50 guests or less, another event with 50 guests or less may be taking place in the Parkur at the same time. You are always able to hire the venue exclusively with extra budget.
There is no stage and dance floor right now but soon we will be providing the perfect option. We rent proper size stages for the events require.
The gravel road around the venue does not allow large coaches to drive but Mid-size coach (30 pax) and Minibuses (17 pax) have no access problem. If large coach transfer is a must, guests will be walking 2-3 minutes from the main road.
There is a limitation for maximum noise level and closing time. We obtain special permission from the local police office to get around these limitations.
Our outdoor event venue is accessible for the physically-challenged guests.
There is a toilet available for wheelchair users. Until next season those in need still need a support staff to use it but our team will assist.
We have geodesic tents that we can transform into a cloakroom or changing room for both guests and artists
Our power supply is sufficient to meet your electricity needs but we always can hire an additional generator for big events.
We have natural ventilation systems in our geodesic dome tents.
Right now we do not have good internet connections and a wifi hotspot due to the infrastructure problems in this rural area.
Our venue is easily accessible for all your logistical operations, such as the delivery and collection of materials and equipment.
PARKUR Outdoor Event Venue Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Gardenya çıkmazı sok. No:21 34829 Beykoz/Istanbul
Sales Office Address: Acıbadem cad. Melahat apt. No: 176/10, 34660 Üsküdar / İstanbul.

Contact us for your next corporate event organization in our outdoor event venue.

You can also contact our DMC and team building event company HTC EVENTS.

Cumhuriyet Mah. Gardenya çıkmazı sok. No:21 34829 Beykoz/Istanbul


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